Choices In Wood Garage Door Substitutes

15 January 2020
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A wood garage door may complement your home perfectly, but you might not be too enthusiastic about all the maintenance a wood door requires. Wood needs to be stained or painted regularly, and repairs may be necessary for cracking, warping, and rotting. You may want to consider a compromise by installing a door that looks like wood but doesn't need as much care. Here are some options.

Doors That Look Like Stained Or Natural Wood

Two realistic substitutes for a wood garage door are fiberglass and composite wood. Composite wood is made from wood pulp and resin, so it has a wood component that makes the door look like real wood. However, the wood is bound together with resin, so the door requires very little maintenance. The resin makes the door wear like plastic in that it won't decay or succumb to water damage. Plus, the surface is easy to keep clean with a garden hose and mild scrubbing of stains.

A fiberglass garage door is also very realistic-looking when you want a wood door substitute. Fiberglass can be molded easily to develop a grain pattern and colored in shades that look like natural wood. Fiberglass may be installed over steel so the door has extra strength and durability. Plus, fiberglass doesn't decay or degrade like wood does so it won't need much care and it's easy to clean.

Garage Doors That Look Like Painted Wood

The way a garage door is made goes a long way toward making it look like an authentic wood door. Both steel and vinyl garage doors have models that look like they're made from wood and then painted. This allows you to choose a color for the door besides brown so you can color-coordinate it with your paint colors. These doors can be made in the traditional or carriage style. They might be made with vertical panels or other designs normally used in wood doors and given a texture that resembles wood that's covered in paint. The advantage is these doors wear and age better than wood, so they won't need a lot of care or repainting.

All these door options are lighter than wood and usually less expensive, although you can buy garage doors in a range of prices. Your garage door installer can put in a real wood door if that's what you prefer, but it's good to consider all of your options and think about how much effort you want to put into maintenance in the coming years.