The Homeowners Guide To Repairing Wood Garage Doors And Hardware To Keep Them Working And Looking Like New

21 January 2020
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If you wanted to have elegant garage doors installed on your home, these materials are heavier and require care. Over time, sometimes the wood can rot, parts can wear out, and hardware can become damaged by the weight of the door and daily use. The following guide will help with maintenance and repairs that wood garage doors and their hardware will need as they age.

1. Fading Finishes and Peeling That Needs to Be Repaired to Prevent Wood Doors from Rotting

First, you want to make sure that you take care of your wood door finishes. When inspecting your garage doors, you will want to look for the fading and peeling of the finishes. If the finish is damaged, you may want to sand it and apply a new stain and sealant to protect the door from further damage. Keep the wood of the doors clean to help reduce wear and prevent these problems before it is time to stain and seal the wood, which should be done every few years.

2. Rotting Wood on Garage Doors and Repairing the Damage Before It Spreads and Becomes Costly to Repair

Over the years, rotting wood can cause serious problems with your garage doors, and even lead to the doors needing to be replaced. Therefore, it is important to routinely inspect the door for signs of wood rot, especially across the bottom seals, edges, and other areas that are more prone to water damage. Replace any damaged wood when you notice a problem to prevent the rot from getting worse and spreading to unaffected areas.

3. Wood Garage Door Sectional Hinges and Replacing or Adjusting Them to Prevent Serious Damage

The hinges and hardware that is installed on the sections of the wood doors are more vulnerable to movement and damage. Therefore, the hardware and hinges may need to be adjusted or replaced if they are causing problems during the operation of the doors. Using heavier hardware and greasing it regularly will help reduce the wear and prevent damage to hinges and other hardware that can cause problems with the wood doors.

4. Repairs That Garage Door Openers, Tracks, and Other Parts Need Due to Wear and the Weight of Heavy Wood Doors

The conventional garage door opener, tracks, and other equipment of your wood doors will be under more stress than lighter materials. Therefore, these materials may be more prone to wear and need to be repaired or replaced more often than other lighter materials. If your opener is struggling to open the doors, then you may also want to consider upgrades to make it easier to open the door and reduce problems with excessive wear due to the heavier weight of the wood sections.

With routine inspection, regular maintenance, and minor repairs when they are needed, your wood garage door will look new for years. If you need help with repairs to your wood doors, contact a garage door repair service to help with the upkeep and repairs that are needed to keep the doors working and looking like the day they were installed.