About Us

We are a network of human resource and adult learning professionals whose mission is to facilitate individual efficiency and organizational effectiveness by offering consultative services that include an array of diagnostic, educational, developmental, and consultative interventions.

Our team is equipped with backgrounds in business and
the behavioral sciences.  We bring a blend of work
experiences in business, academia, government, private
industry, and not-for-profit organizations to our clients.  Each of
us is certified in the administration and interpretation of various assessment tools, which are a part of our service delivery.

Our approach is assessment driven, needs based,  and customized to effectuate an organizational culture that promotes the development of employee capabilities, the full utilization of employee skills, the expansion of employee potential, and the recognition of employee contributions. 

  • We use various online and paper-based assessments to collect data for defining needs and devising strategies for programmatic interventions. 
  • We partner with senior management, human resource staff, self-directed work teams, and individual contributors to facilitate the attainment of organizational goals.
  • We incorporate a practical application of adult learning theories and strategies, which are integrated with the latest technologies. Our instructional approach is facilitative, cooperative, and flexible.

Our commitment is to offer appropriate interventions that support the fulfillment of the mission and vision of organizations; empower professionals and teams to achieve organizational objectives; and to create workplaces where individual contributions are effectively aligned with organizational goals.


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