The Top 3 Benefits Of Replacing Your Garage Door With A Fiberglass Garage Door

23 August 2023
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If you currently do not have a fiberglass garage door, you may seriously want to consider replacing your existing door with one constructed from fiberglass. This is because while fiberglass garage doors are among the newest options the market has to offer, these doors have already proven themselves to be very beneficial. Keep reading below to learn more about three of the top benefits associated with replacing your garage door with a fiberglass door. 

Benefit #1: Fiberglass Doors Require Less Maintenance

When compared to traditional garage door materials such as wood, aluminum, and steel, fiberglass garage doors require far less maintenance. This is because traditional garage door materials require sealing or treating to prevent issues such as rotting, rusting, and warping as a result of exposure to moisture. Fiberglass doors do not require this type of ongoing maintenance since fiberglass is not susceptible to moisture damage. This allows fiberglass garage doors to stay in tip-top shape with very minimal maintenance. In most cases, a fiberglass garage door will only need to be washed with a basic cleaning solution to remove any dirt buildup.

Benefit #2: Fiberglass Garage Doors Offer Durability While Remaining Lightweight

The heavier a garage door is, the more strain this door will put on the mechanical system used to operate the door. However, traditionally speaking, lightweight garage doors tend to be more susceptible to certain types of damage such as scratching and denting. Fiberglass garage doors offer the best of both worlds by providing the durability you need while still remaining relatively lightweight. What this means is that a fiberglass garage door has what it takes to stand up to the test of time while also extending the life of the mechanical parts used to support and operate this door. 

Benefit #3: Fiberglass Garage Doors Offer High Insulation Ratings

Choosing a well-insulated garage door can be very important. This is especially true for individuals who want to use their garage as an additional living or workspace. High insulation ratings can also be very important if you have an attached garage. The reason for this is that extremely high or low temperatures inside your garage have the ability to make their way into your home. This can cause your heating and cooling costs to rise.  Thankfully, fiberglass garage doors can help you easily avoid this issue by offering some of the highest insulation ratings the residential garage door market has to offer. 

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