About Your Garage Door And Possible Repair Problems

14 July 2020
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The garage door on most homes is right in plain view from the front of the home. The garage door is generally a different color than the rest of the home, oftentimes matching the trim instead of the primary color of the home's exterior. This makes the garage door highly visible and one of the main focal points of the home's front exterior. However, aside from the fact that you will want such a visible garage door to look nice for aesthetic purposes, there are also many other reasons why you want to make sure you have any damages taken care of right away and here are some of them:  Read More 

Why You Might Want To Have Retractable Patio Screens Installed

4 February 2020
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If you are looking for an upgrade to your patio area, you might want to consider retractable patio screens. If you are not familiar with the motorized patio screens, you might not know just how beneficial they can be. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you are spending a little bit of time reviewing the following information. The more you learn about the benefits of retractable patio screens, the more you will be able to see just how nice it will be to have one of those screens for your home patio. Read More 

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Garage Door Installation

3 February 2020
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Technically speaking, anyone can purchase a garage door and install it themselves. And thanks to Internet tutorials and videos, many people think that the task looks simple enough for them to complete themselves. Whether you are looking to replace your garage door due to age or aesthetic reasons, there are many reasons why you should still hire a contractor for a new garage door installation instead of doing it yourself. Here are a few of those reasons. Read More 

Is A Torsion Spring Replacement Necessary?

24 January 2020
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One of the most common components used in many garage door systems is a torsion spring. If it wears out or breaks, it can significantly reduce the functionality of the system or cause it to fail. You may be wondering, though, if replacing the spring is worth the investment. Let's take a look at what a torsion spring is and how your garage's door setup might benefit from having it replaced. Read More 

The Homeowners Guide To Repairing Wood Garage Doors And Hardware To Keep Them Working And Looking Like New

21 January 2020
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If you wanted to have elegant garage doors installed on your home, these materials are heavier and require care. Over time, sometimes the wood can rot, parts can wear out, and hardware can become damaged by the weight of the door and daily use. The following guide will help with maintenance and repairs that wood garage doors and their hardware will need as they age. 1. Fading Finishes and Peeling That Needs to Be Repaired to Prevent Wood Doors from Rotting Read More