Signs That Your Garage Door May Be In Need Of Repair

14 January 2020
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A garage door is one of the items in your home that you do not think much about until it stops working correctly. However, in some cases, your garage door will give you signs that something is wrong and that repairs are needed. It is important that you have repairs made in a timely manner or the problem can worsen or lead to you needing a new garage door instead of just repairs. Here are a few of the most common signs that your garage door may be in need of repair.

The Garage Door or the Tracks Have Dings or Dents

One of the signs that your garage door is in need of repair is that there are dings or dents in the garage door itself or dings and dents to the tracks that the garage door glides along. If there are dings or dents in the garage door, the dent may actually scrape across your garage ceiling when the door is completely opened, or the dings may lead to the formation of rust on the door. If there are dings or dents on the track, it can cause the door to jump the track or damage the wheels as it runs along the tracks. 

Your Garage Door Is Making Awful Noises as It Opens or Shuts

Another sign that your garage door may be in need of repair is a garage door that is making awful noises as it opens or shuts. Your garage door can make a wide range of noises when it is in trouble, including grinding, squealing, or screeching. The problem may be something as simple as the wheels needing to be properly lubricated or as complex as the motor going out on your electric garage door opener. 

The Garage Door Will Not Open or Close

The final sign that your garage door may be in need of repair is a garage door that will not open or close. The top reasons why a door will not open or close are that the sensors are damaged and need to be replaced, the motor has worn out in the electric garage door opener, or the torsion spring on the garage door has broken. 

If you notice any of these signs or you suspect that something just is not right with your garage door or the garage door opening system, you should call in a garage door repair company. They can troubleshoot your garage door and determine what may be wrong with the door and how to best fix it. The sooner that you call, the better off your outcome will be. Contact a garage door repair company now to get started.