The Top Reasons to Schedule a Garage Door Repair

15 January 2021
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Do you really need to schedule a garage door repair as soon as you notice a problem? Whether your door won't open, won't close, or has another obvious issue, take a look at the reasons to call for service as soon as possible.

Your Garage Door Isn't Secure

There were more than 6.9 million property crime offenses in 2019. While this number represents a range of property crimes (and not just door-related break-ins), an unsecured garage provides an easy entry route for a thief. If your garage won't close completely, has a broken locking mechanism, or the opener doesn't work correctly, it needs a professional repair.

The garage contractor will inspect the door and the automatic opener (if your home has one of these devices) and recommend a repair or replacement. Even though some repairs may seem simple, garage door services require expert-level knowledge and the experience only a contractor or technician has. Failure to correctly repair the door could leave it open to future security issues.

Your Garage Door Isn't Safe

Garage doors (with automatic openers) are equipped with safety features, such as photo eyes and reversing mechanisms. These opener/door parts prevent accidental closures and related damage or injuries. Your door's photo eyes are sensors located on each side of the garage. The sensors create an invisible beam of light. If the beam breaks, the door automatically stops and reverses. This reduces or eliminates a potentially serious safety hazard.

Homeowners should test the door's sensor periodically. Never use yourself, another person, or your car to test the door. Either contact a garage door contractor for an evaluation or place an empty old cardboard box in the path of the sensors. If the door doesn't reverse on its own, contact a professional.

The problem may be something simple, such as worn or dirty sensor lenses. But it's also possible the photo-eye is misaligned, the sensors are damaged, or the wiring is worn. These issues pose a safety risk and require expert repair.

Your Garage Door Requires a Replacement 

As security and safety failures, a garage door replacement is also a job for a professional. Garage door installation is a complex process that requires a high level of knowledge. A garage contractor can help you to choose the right door for your home, measure the opening, and install the model you choose. The professional can also install sensors and a new automatic opener.