Repairing Your Garage Door Problems

9 April 2021
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A garage door that is experiencing problems can be an issue that has to be rapidly repaired. Otherwise, the building could experience some significant disruptions and problems that will reduce the comfort of those in the house and your ability to use the garage door system.

Drafts Along The Sides Or Between The Panels

Drafts forming along the sides of the door and between the panels of it can allow large drafts to form that can reduce your home's energy efficiency by impairing the ability of the HVAC system to regulate the temperature of the home. Preventing these drafts may be accomplished by replacing the seals along the edges. Unfortunately, gaps between the panels can be more difficult to repair as this is often the result of the panels warping. If they have warped, replacing the panels will be necessary for stopping these drafts.

Total Mechanical Failure Of The Door

A garage door system is a very complicated mechanical device, and if it suffers a failure, the door may not be able to raise or lower. Sadly, these mechanical problems can be difficult to diagnose, and they will often require major repairs in order to restore the system to a working state. In extreme cases, the entire opening system may have to be replaced, but many problems can be repaired. For example, the torsion spring, primary chain, and motor for the opener may all be replaced by a professional fairly easily. Repairing mechanical issues before they can cause secondary damages to the opener or the door system will be important for minimizing the risks of needing to have these components completely replaced.

Door Failing To Fully Close

Another issue that your garage door can experience is a failure to close all the way. If this is not the result of a major mechanical problem, it is most likely due to the safety sensors that are designed to keep the door from closing on individuals or vehicles malfunctioning. If these sensors come out of alignment as this may cause them to give a false signal that causes the door to open immediately when it nears the ground. Realigning these sensors can take a lot of skill and special equipment to make sure that the two portions of a sensor are effectively aligned. Even slight misalignments can be enough to cause this problem with the garage door, and a professional may be needed to ensure that the alignment work is correct.

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