3 Reasons You Should Have Your Garage Door Serviced Regularly

26 April 2021
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Most garage door repair contractors recommend having your door inspected and serviced every one to two years depending upon how frequently it is used. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners fail to heed this advice. As a result, these homeowners miss out on the many benefits that come along with properly caring for their garage door. By taking the time to really understand the benefits that garage door maintenance has to offer, you can help ensure that you do not make this same mistake.

Maintain Aesthetic Appeal

Your garage door is several times larger than your home's main entry door. As a result of its large size, this door easily becomes the focal point when looking at your home. If you allow your garage door to fall into a state of disrepair, it can have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your entire home. Making use of garage door maintenance services on a regular basis will allow you to quickly identify any damage to the door and have it repaired therefore preserving its aesthetic appeal for many years to come. 

Maintain Home Security

Your garage can present intruders with the ideal entryway into your home if it is not properly secured. This is because your garage offers potential intruders with the coverage they need from prying eyes while they work to get past your home's other defenses. Consequently, it is extremely important that your garage door is able to effectively keep intruders from gaining access to your garage. This means ensuring that your automatic garage door opener and door locks are functioning properly. The use of an annual garage door service is a great way of accomplishing this task.

Maintain Warranty Coverage

One of the most impressive benefits that comes along with the purchase of a new garage door is the ability to enjoy a lengthy warranty period through the door's manufacturer. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to realize that keeping this warranty coverage valid will often depend upon their commitment to properly maintaining their garage door. As a result, when these homeowners do find themselves in need of garage door services and attempt to file a claim against their warranty, they may be surprised to find that their claim is denied as a result of their failure to maintain the door according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule. Having your garage door professionally inspected each year can prevent this from happening and ensure you are able to enjoy the full life of your warranty coverage. 

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