How Pros Fix A Faulty Garage Door Sensor

29 October 2021
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While the garage door sensor is a crucial component, it is prone to frequent failures due to excess use. A broken sensor leads to a faulty door, which is a safety hazard. In fact, a significant percentage of garage door accidents result from failed sensors. 

Therefore, it is advisable to stay on the lookout for signs of sensor problems. And if you suspect a looming sensor problem, you should schedule garage door repair services right away to avert a potential accident. Here are four guidelines professionals follow when fixing the sensor.

Check Whether It Is Connected to Power

The first step during repairs is to find out whether the system connects to a source of power. Sometimes, the system can stop working if someone has accidentally turned off the power supply.

Therefore, you should first look at the source of power to determine whether it is on. If the motion sensor has electric power but fails to work, you should assess the other door components for possible problems.

Check for Blockages

If the problem is not in the power source, there could be a blockage in the motion sensors. In this case, you should check its light to see whether it blinks. If the light goes on and off continuously, your sensor has a problem that needs repair.

Usually, the motion sensors use infra-red technology. But the door has to be well aligned for the system to work. Remember that even the tiniest object can block the sensor's ability to detect your car. So clean the area around the sensor eye to ensure that nothing is interfering with the signals.

Assess Whether They Are Aligned

The sensor gets out of alignment when the door suffers some impact from the outside. For example, a misalignment can occur when you bump the door while parking. If you have children, it is also advisable to check your sensors often since the young ones can shift them unintentionally. Movements like road vibrations from moving cars also affect the sensors. You may use a zip tie to keep the sensors constantly aligned to avoid the effect of vibrations.

Fix Damaged Electrical Wires

Damaged wiring is another common cause of sensor problems. You may encounter faulty electrical wiring if you own an old home. But you should not attempt to fix the wires on your own owing to the risky nature of electricity. 

Hiring a garage door repair service is the next solution if cleaning and realigning the sensors does not resolve the problem. They will use advanced diagnostic techniques to figure out the problem and rectify it.