Why Garage Door Springs Fail

11 August 2022
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Springs are an indispensable part of your garage door system. As such, your garage door can't work if your springs fail. You must ensure that your springs remain in good condition until it's time to replace them. But why do garage door springs fail or break? Well, here are a couple of reasons.

General Wear and Tear

As is the case with all mechanical parts, your garage door springs will also suffer from wear and tear. Remember, the springs move a lot, meaning they are constantly under stress whenever you open or close the garage door. This constant straining will catch up with your door springs at some point. While the springs need some maintenance, they'll eventually break at some point. And when that moment comes, you'll have to replace them.

Inadequate Maintenance

Now that you understand that garage door springs undergo a lot of stress, it's important you invest in routine maintenance. During these maintenance checks, a technician can identify issues with your garage door springs. They'll also lubricate the springs and make adjustments to help them function well. That said, it's difficult for garage door springs to fail if you have been maintaining them routinely.


Rust is another major problem affecting garage door springs. Since the springs are metallic, they'll start rusting once they become exposed to moisture. You can, however, prevent your door springs from rusting by lubricating them. Lubricants can delay rust accumulation on the springs. Remember that rust will affect the integrity of your door springs, meaning they might break or snap quite easily.

Door Jams

Your garage door should always move smoothly to avoid straining the springs. Unfortunately, some homeowners don't clean their garage door tracks. As such, dust, dirt, and other debris will accumulate along the tracks. This build-up might eventually prevent the garage door rollers from moving smoothly along the tracks. 

Once this becomes an issue, the springs will have a problem releasing or storing energy. In case that happens repeatedly, the springs will eventually fail to work. Luckily, you can identify this problem early and request a garage door springs repair service.

Cold Weather

Cold weather can also be an issue for garage door springs. As you probably know, springs might have difficulty functioning during cold weather. So, your door springs might fail quickly if you live in a cold area. Therefore, you might need to replace them often or purchase high-quality steel door springs.

Now that you know what causes garage door springs to break, you keep them in good condition to prevent the problem. For more information, contact a local company, like Raynor Door Company.